Carpool, Save Trees and Enjoy the Social Ride, says Lakshna Jha of sRide

Great to be working with and mentoring Lakshna Nha of sRide.

With a vision to improve the commuting experience while reducing the number of cars on the road and making a difference to the environment, Lakshna Jha founded sRide – a carpool platform.

Having worked with Fortune 500 clients like Ion, Aetna, Credit Suisse, UBS and Verizon in over 15 years of experience in IT Consultation and Sales, Lakshna was bothered by the huge traffic jams and lone drivers in big cars.

The need to carpool was acute and Lakshna did her own small survey to conclude that people indeed want to carpool but given the difficulty in coordinating with each other, they let go of the option.

There were some websites which helped in carpooling but the technology was rather outdated for people to use them, says Lakshna, Founder and CEO of sRide, a carpooling app which uses cutting edge technology – making daily commute easier, cheaper and safer.

The features of the app

The focus is on instant carpooling. Matching of profiles is done by finding the perfect commuting partner and is entirely cashless with everything being done through an app.

In place are safety features like verifying users with phone numbers and company e-mails. There is a system of notifying the other users on the platform too, if the user is not verified, by using an ‘unverified’ tag.

“It is a personal carpool tool – an easy way to find a safe ride and friendly commute partners based on one’s social networks. The underlying idea is to bring about a lifestyle change – moving away from self-owned automobile dependency to shared services and active transportation,” says Lakshna.

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