Meet Wheeli – Bringing the Social Ride-Sharing Experience to Students in the U.S.

Sitting down with Jean-Pierre Adéchi, Steve Delor, and Alexandre Ayache to talk about their campus-focused ridesharing app, Wheeli.

So what is Wheeli?

Jean-Pierre: Wheeli is a hitchhiking app for college students. Students with cars can find other students going the same way, and they split the price of gas and toll.

Where did you come up with the idea behind Wheeli?

Jean-Pierre: A couple years back I was traveling around Europe. I flew into Barcelona, and a friend of mine was studying in Strasbourg in northeast France, and we were supposed to link up and travel to the south of France together. I was going to purchase one of the unlimited train passes, and he told me not to waste my money and find other young people to carpool with. It was a lot cheaper, but what really got me hooked was the social travel experience. Being with young people, talking about our experiences, where we’re from, and even making friends through it.

Full article:

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